The fall semester of 1969 was an extremely turbulent time for African American students on the campus of Kansas State University. Still reeling from the tragic events from of the late sixtes, and energized by the proactive push of the civil rights movement, the Black community on campus was in desperate need of a unified voice and mobilized body. It was in that very semester that a group of likeminded, concered and determined student leaders founded an organization that would soon become a vital part of the campus community: THE BLACK STUDENT UNION!


We, the people of the Kansas State University Black Student Union, pledge to our shared cultural heritage as the foundation of civilization; to the continuity of our struggle for human dignity, mutual respect, and self determination; to discipline, education and introspection as catalyst for and safeguards to our physical, intellectual and spiritual development, and to proactive support of the self-evident right of all people for cultural expression and participation. The group was created to change the lives of our student body through various programs, activities and community service projects that will help build the foundation of our Black Student Union. Our mission is to become positive role models for future minority students here at Kansas State University. By collaborating with other organizations, BSU will grow to be a more cohesive and unified group with the K-State community.