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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
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Genetics, Developmental and Cell Biology

NameResearch Focus
Katsura AsanoRegulation of protein biosynthesis; Yeast genetics and biochemistry
Dan BoyleCellular mechanisms and functions involved with eye development
Susan BrownEvolution of gene regulatory networks, using segmentation in the red flour beetle
Rollie ClemRegulation of apoptosis in insects; arbovirus-mosquito interactions
Christopher HerrenGenetics of mycobacteriophages
Stella LeeIntracellular protein transport in health and diseases; Lysosomal storage disorders
Jocelyn McDonaldDevelopmental and cell biology; cell migration; tissue morphogenesis
Kristin MichelHost-pathogen interactions; Vector biology 
Beth MonteloneDNA metabolism
Ted MorganEvolutionary and ecological genomics 
Thomas MuellerEvolutionary and developmental neuroscience, brain atlases, forebrain evolution 
Brad OlsonMolecular and ecological basis of multicellular evolution 
Lorena PassarelliMolecular biology of baculoviruses; Gene regulation and viral pathogenesis 
Jeroen RoelofsBiochemistry and cell biology; Regulation of protein degradation by the proteasome 
Kathrin SchrickPlant molecular biology; Developmental biology; Plant sterols; START domains
C. Ranjit SinghTranslational regulation of protein synthesis 
Martha Smith CaldasPrinciples of Biology, General Microbiology, Study Abroad: Brazil 
Brian SpoonerCellular/developmental biology; mammalian organ development in culture
Mark UngererEvolutionary and ecological genetics in plants; Genome structure and evolution 
Govindsammy VediyappanPathogenic Microbiology; Bacterial Genetics; Mycology 
Michael VeemanMorphogenesis of the chordate body plan; Developmental and cell biology 
Nicholas WallaceHuman Papillomavirus; Viral Oncogenesis; DNA Damage Repair
Ruth WeltiStructure and function of cell membranes; Mass-spectrometry-based lipid analysis 
Zhilong YangMolecular virology; Virus-host Interactions; Poxvirus replication; Gene expression 
Anna ZinovyevaPost-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, RNA biology, microRNA biogenesis and function