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Division of Biology

Ari Jumpponen, Professor


Contact information

433 Ackert Hall
(785) 532-6751 

Lab website: http://www.k-state.edu/fungi


Ph.D. 1998, Oregon State University. Forest Science.

Area(s) of Specialization

Mycology; fungal ecology; fungus-plant interactions.

Research Focus

My laboratory studies the environmental selection processes that dictate the extant community structures. Towards these goals, we have adopted genomics research inspired tools to deeply interrogate fungal and bacterial communities in various systems including prairie soils under climate change manipulations, glacier forefront and ephemeral streams undergoing succession, anthropogenic environments, as well as forest ecosystems under prescribed burning regimes. 


Brown SP, Jumpponen A. 2014. Contrasting primary successional trajectories of fungi and bacteria in retreating glacier soils. Mol Ecol 23:481-97.

Lothamer K, Brown SP, Mattox JD, Jumpponen A. 2014. Comparison of root-associated communities of native and non-native ectomycorrhizal hosts in an urban landscape. Mycorrhiza 24:267-80.

Brown SP, Oliver AK, Callaham MA, Jumpponen A. 2013. Deep Ion Torrent sequencing identifies soil fungal community shifts after frequent prescribed fires in a southeastern US forest ecosystem. FEMS Microb Ecol 86:557-66.

Mandyam K, Roe J, Jumpponen A. 2013. Arabidopsis thaliana model system reveals a continuum of responses to root endophyte colonization. Fungal Biology 117: 250-260.

Zeglin LH, Bottomley PJ, Jumpponen A, Rice CW, Arango M, Lindsey A, McGowan A, Mfombep P, Myrold DD. 2013. Altered precipitation regime affects the function and composition of soil microbial communities on multiple time scales. Ecology 94:2334-45.

Walker JF, Aldrich-Wolfe L, Riffel A, Barbare H, Simpson NB, Trowbridge J, Jumpponen A. 2011. Diverse Helotiales associated with the roots of three species of Arctic Ericaceae provide no evidence for host specificity. New Phytol 191:515–27.

Jumpponen A, Jones KL, Blair J. 2010. Vertical distribution of fungal communities in tallgrass prairie soil. Mycologia 102:1027-41.

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