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Academic Advising Survey

The Advising Survey was initially created to provide a report to the Kansas Board of Regents on the quality of advising at K-State, as well as provide individual advisors with feedback on their performance.  The Office of Student Life administered the survey through KSIS prior to 2017. 

In the spring of 2017, the University Advising Committee expressed interest in improving the survey to provide higher quality feedback to advisors for their continued development.  The group suggested a number of improvements, and working with the Office of Assessment, will be implementing those improvements in the Fall 2017 administration of the survey.  The Office of Assessment will also be responsible for the administration of the survey.    

Survey Process

Survey participants will include all eligible continuing undergraduate students. Survey participants will be required to complete the survey in the fall prior to enrollment. 

The steps in the advising survey process are as follows:
  • Students must first meet with their advisor concerning enrollment for the spring semester. 
  • About two weeks before enrollment begins, students receive a hold in KSIS indicating that they can complete the survey any time prior to enrolling. 
  • The advising survey hold will be placed on KSIS student accounts in October, approximately two weeks prior to the start of spring enrollment. The hold will prevent students from enrolling in classes until the survey has been completed.  
  • Students will access the advising survey from KSIS (see step-by-step instructions).  Messages in KSIS and Canvas will remind students to complete the advising survey.
  • After the survey has been completed, the hold will be automatically removed from KSIS student accounts.  Please allow at least 10 minutes for this process to complete.
Completing the Survey
  • Instructions in the survey will guide students through the survey items. 
  • Identification of a student’s advisor: Students will be asked to confirm their primary academic advisor as identified in their KSIS record.  If the advisor is not correct, students will be given the option to select their advisor from a drop-down list.
    • Students who indicate they don't have an advisor will be given instructions for how to be assigned an advisor and complete the survey. 
    • Survey questions assess various activities/behaviors that an advisor can exhibit and students are asked to rate their advisor according to a scale. 
    • There are three open-ended questions on the survey.  Students are encouraged to provide specific comments on their advisors in this section.  Note that advisors will be able to see all written comments, but no identifying information will be included with the comments.   

Feedback for Colleges and Advisors

Once the survey is closed, college administrators will have access to aggregated data showing the average ratings of advisors in their colleges.  Administrators will not have access to any specific advisor’s information, only aggregated scores. 

Advisors will have access to statistics on each item in their individual evaluations, as well as all written comments verbatim.  Reports of results will not contain information that identifies any individual student’s responses, written or otherwise. 


1. Why do we have an advising survey?

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback so that K-State, through its colleges and advisors, can improve its advising process, making it a model for other institutions of higher learning. 

2. Why is it necessary to put a “hold” on student enrollment until they complete the surveys?

We want all students to have the opportunity to participate and provide feedback so that we can make improvements to advising at K-State. The hold assures that we hear form all students rather than only a small percentage.

3. How long will it take to complete the survey?

It should take about 5 minutes to complete the main questions, and 5-10 minutes to complete the open-ended questions, depending on the depth of comments students want to provide. 

4. Can I complete the survey before I have to enroll?

Yes!  The advising survey will be available approximately two weeks prior to the start of spring enrollment.  Access to the survey will be from KSIS (see step-by-step instructions).  Students are encouraged to complete the survey prior to their scheduled enrollment date and time.

5. How will I identify my advisor for the ratings? 

Each student's advisor is pre-populated from their KSIS record.  If the listed advisor is not correct, students will be given the option to select their advisor from a list.  Once they have identified their advisor, they will respond to all questions in reference to that advisor. 

6. I have multiple advisors.  Which one do I select? 

A student’s primary advisor is responsible for lowering the “advisor flag” that allows the student to enroll.  The student should select that advisor from the list, and complete the survey with that advisor in mind.    

7. What if my advisor’s name does not show up on the list in the drop-down box?

Students who do not have an advisor should select "advisor not listed”.  Once this is done, students will be given the option to enter information for their advisor. 

8. Will my advisor be able to identify my responses or written comments? 

All responses are confidential in Qualtrics.  All reports sent to colleges and advisors are aggregated across many students, so that no individual student’s responses will be identifiable.  

9. Who should I contact if I need help?

Contact the Office of Assessment at assessment@ksu.edu if you need assistance with the survey.

New Survey for 2017

Improvements to the survey include a new format using Qualtrics, which provides the capacity for students to take the survey on their mobile devices, as well as the modification and addition of questions.

A subcommittee of advisors was involved in improving the questionnaire and the survey process.

View a PDF Copy of the Survey

Preview the Survey in Qualtrics