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Advanced Manufacturing Institute

On-The-Job Learning: AMI Helps Students Gain Real-World Experience Through Internship Program

Manhattan, Kan., August 29, 2012 – An internship program offered by Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute, or AMI, is giving students the chance to work on challenging client projects with engineering and business professionals.

The paid internship program is available to K-State undergraduate and graduate students and offers a flexible work schedule.

“Working at AMI has been a great experience,” said Andrew Woolley, senior in chemical engineering, Wichita. “The knowledge and experience I have gained working at AMI with its chemical/bioprocessing team, other staff engineers and students has given me greater confidence in my work and is helping me prepare for my career.”

Other students participating in internships at the Advanced Manufacturing Institute include:

Mike Patenaude, senior in mechanical engineering, Clay Center; Joe Rush, graduate master’s student in business administration, Haviland; Michael Bennett, senior in regional and community planning, Lawrence; and Gabe Ryan, senior in entrepreneurship, Wichita.

From out of country: Rohit Parimi, doctoral student in computer science, Kakinada, India.

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute is a part of Kansas State University's College of Engineering and an Economic Development Administration University Center that provides engineering and business services. More information about the institute is available online at http://www.amisuccess.com.