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Advanced Manufacturing Institute

Advanced Manufacturing Institute Announces New Product Design Engineer

(Manhattan, Kan. March 14, 2007) – Matt Molz has accepted the position of product design engineer for Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute.

In this role, Molz is responsible for designing, testing and analyzing product development projects, establishing product planning, developing design specifications based on project needs and generating product concepts through market research and ideation.

Prior to joining AMI, Molz worked as a product design engineer for Reinke Manufacturing Company in Deshler, Neb. where he was responsible for designing products to fit customer needs, redesigning products to enhance manufacturability, and developing and integrating systems to increase efficiency. Molz has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Kansas State University.

“The Advanced Manufacturing Institute is systematically developing our capacity to assist entrepreneurs and businesses with designing and improving their products” said Brad Kramer, director. “With his industrial experience and background, Matt will be a great addition to our product development team.”