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To continue to build the highly talented and diverse workforce envisioned in K-State 2025, we need effective, efficient, timely, and fair recruitment and hiring practices and procedures. In response to the Report on Hiring Process Assessment Focus Groups and the next steps identified by university leadership, the Office of Affirmative Action (OAA) has made the following changes to the unclassified search process and procedures. We understand that there will be many questions resulting from these changes and appreciate the campus community's patience and understanding while we work together to implement them. Please note that the Search Committee Training has been temporarily removed from the OAA website for revision to reflect the new procedures.

In an on-going effort to improve communication, the OAA is also working on a redesign of our website. In the interim, we have reorganized and removed redundant links from our current site as part of revising our search procedures.

The Office of Affirmative Action looks forward to actively seeking feedback from our campus community. We request that you submit any comments or concerns regarding the search process to affact@k-state.edu for consideration. We want to hear from you!

Please do not hesitate to contact the office with questions at 785.532.6220 between the hours of 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Changes in the Recruiting and Hiring (Search) Procedures

Effective immediately, search procedures have been revised to eliminate or modify steps added during Spring 2011.
  • While Diversity Point Persons (DPPs) will continue to serve in their role as resource persons for recruitment and hiring, DPP signature approval is no longer a required step during the recruiting and hiring process.
  • The OAA will not conduct a certification of the applicant and interview pool; instead the OAA will provide a composition of the applicant pool upon receipt of all applicant information. The OAA will continue to review the list of applicants for on-campus interviews prior to interviews being scheduled.
  • Search committees are now allowed to review applications as they arrive after defining the screening criteria.
  • Search committees will no longer complete and submit Profiles of Excellence.
  • As required by law, the university will continue to request voluntary self-identification of race, ethnicity, and gender data. The OAA is providing a template letter to be forwarded to applicants to ensure consistency in data collection and that questions from applicants go to OAA. The OAA is currently working with ITS to automate the request process this spring.

Checklist for Recruiting and Hiring Faculty and Unclassified Professionals

There is now one integrated checklist to guide the University in its efforts to recruit and hire unclassified positions.

Checklist for Recruiting and Hiring Faculty and Unclassified Professionals (pdf)

Changes to Recruiting and Hiring Forms

The following overarching changes have been made to the forms as part of the revision of procedural steps for recruiting and hiring unclassified positions.

  • The forms (appendices) have been renumbered to reflect the logical order of steps in the recruitment and hiring process. For example, Appendix 12 is now Appendix 11.
  • The instructions on each form have been updated for consistency and to provide an explanation of the steps necessary to complete each form.
  • The "DPP Signature" line for the Diversity Point Person has been removed from each form.
  • A check-off box for "Clinical-track (Veterinary Medicine)" has been added to the types of appointments for Faculty Appointment selection.
Unclassified Faculty and Staff Vacancy Form (Appendix 8) doc / pdf:

Section 4 "Protected Class Underutilization" is renamed "Underrepresentation Data".

Section 5 "Search Committee" includes the option for search committee members to self-identify themselves as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

Position Announcement Form (Appendix 9) doc / pdf:

Section 3 and Section 4 are combined and renamed Description of Job Responsibilities and Qualifications. The purpose of this section is to describe the job responsibilities and required and/or preferred qualifications for the vacancy. For Unclassified Professional positions, there is an option to attach a PER 23 in lieu of completing this section on the form.

Recruitment Plan (Appendix 10) doc / pdf:

No change.

Recruitment and Applicant Disposition Report (Appendix 11), formerly Appendix 12 doc / pdf:

The title of the form has been changed from "Recruitment Report" to "Recruitment and Applicant Disposition Report" to more accurately reflect its purpose. The sections to be completed have been reduced from eleven to eight.

Section 5 combined the applicant pool, applicants proposed for interview, and disposition of applicants into one section. Certification of the applicant and interview pools by OAA has been removed and replaced with an OAA signature line for review of the interview pool prior to beginning interviews. The person(s) completing the form will provide the criteria category (1-8) and an explanation for non-interview or non-selection. There are two additional options listed in the criteria for non-interview or non-selection: a) does not meet minimum requirement(s) and b) candidate withdrew from consideration.

The OAA will provide the gender and race/ethnicity composition of the applicant pool to the search committee in section 6 of the form. The specific race/ethnicity statistical data will be provided for the applicant pool only as feedback to the unit on the success of its recruitment efforts.

The question regarding "By which method of recruitment did the recommended candidate learn about the position?" has been relocated to section 7 on the form.

Unclassified Appointment Record (Appendix 12) doc / pdf:

The form has been reorganized to reflect the order in which the forms should be submitted to the OAA.