Waiver of Recruitment

An exception to the University's recruitment policy allowing the department/unit to waive an open competitive search. May be approved in exceptional circumstances.

Any administrator who wants to waive recruitment must prepare a written justification and obtain the approval of the President, Provost and Senior Vice President, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Communications and Marketing or Vice President for Research according to your departments reporting structure. The justification must explain the reason(s) for the waiver and summarize the qualifications of the individual recommended for hire. If the waiver is approved the administrator should:    

Develop a position description (http://www.ksu.edu/hr/forms/per23.pdf) including duties and qualifications, if the position is an unclassified professional position submit the per-23 to the Office of Institutional Equity and the Classification and Compensation Manager in Human Resources for review. 

  1. Thoroughly evaluate the individual’s qualifications in accordance  with the hiring unit's standard procedures.    
  2. Conduct an interview according to the hiring unit's standard  procedures. Evaluate the candidate according to the hiring unit's standard procedures.
  3. Submit an Appendix 12 form, the justification/approval letter, and the per-23 (if position is an unclassified professional) to the Office of Institutional Equity.  

The Office of Institutional Equity will prepare the employment contract and send it to the Provost/Vice President/President, as appropriate, for signature. The contract will be forwarded to the hiring unit to convey to the candidate.