Term Appointments for Special Situations

Term appointments may be made to fill, emergency, temporary or unpredictable needs. Term appointments may be renewed contingent upon funding and need. The salary of term employees should be proportionately equal to that of regular employees in similar positions and with similar education, experience, and responsibilities.

Less than Half Time or Less than Ninety Day Appointments

The Office of Institutional Equity does not review personnel actions related to term employment for less than half time or less than ninety days. This does not, however, relieve hiring units of their equal opportunity and affirmative action obligations. Hiring units must publicize term positions, and screen and select applicants based upon their work-related qualifications.

The hiring unit must request approval from the Office of Institutional Equity if the unit decides that it needs to increase an appointment from less than half-time or less than 90 days to half-time or more, or more than 90 days. The Office of Institutional Equity will review the request and inform the hiring unit of its decision.

Half Time or More and Greater than Ninety Days External and Internal Searches

Procedures will be the same as for regular positions, except the search committee may be smaller; the reasonable recruitment area may be internal, local, state-wide, regional, or nation-wide depending upon the position; the application period may be shorter; and paper reviews or phone interviews may substitute.

Emergency Hires

When there is an urgent need to fill a position, EEO/AA guidelines for recruitment and selection will be followed to the greatest extent possible. The hiring unit must confer with the Office of Institutional when it decides to fill a position due to an emergency.