Other Considerations

  1. Marital or Familial Status. Marital or familial status will not be used to discriminate against candidates. Informal anti-nepotism rules will not be invoked (see Section A40 of the KSU Faculty Handbook).
  2. Dual Career Status. The dual career status of a candidate may be a positive consideration.
  3. KSU Graduate. The practice of not hiring our own graduates may be waived for qualified, underrepresented, protected group members, dual career partners, and other special considerations.
  4. Geographic Location. Unverified assumptions about a candidate's unwillingness or inability to relocate or commute based upon the candidate's personal characteristics will not be a consideration.
  5. Over Qualified. This is not a legitimate reason for non-selection. Assumptions should not be made about a candidate's reasons for applying.
  6. Non Traditional Career Path. Circumstances including family obligations or illness may cause lapses in productivity. Candidates should be given an opportunity to explain such lapses.
  7. Age. Adult age must not be a consideration for any position.
  8. Qualification Changes. If the job description or selection criteria are altered, the position should be readvertised.
  9. Filling More Than One Position From the Same Applicant Pool. More than one person may be hired from the same applicant pool if the advertised position description is identical. All hires must be made within a reasonable period of time, depending upon the type of position.
  10. Citizenship. Resident aliens must be considered for employment on the same basis as applicants who are U.S. citizens. Resident aliens belonging to the racial/ethnic groups of Black, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaskan Native, should be regarded as minorities. You may ask all applicants, "If you are not a citizen or resident alien of the U.S., does your visa or immigration status prevent you from lawful employment?" If an applicant is not currently in an employable status, the hiring unit may choose to eliminate the applicant from consideration or may offer the applicant the position and help them justify a change in employment status so they may be lawfully employed at KSU.