Acting/Interim Positions

The principles of affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and faculty/staff participation apply to acting/interim appointments. Acting/interim appointments provide individuals with unique opportunities to gain experience. Equal opportunity is lost when the acting/interim appointment is a try-out for the permanent position. In fact, when the position is filled on a permanent basis, it may be difficult to compete with an individual who has successfully performed the position responsibilities on an acting/interim basis. The following actions should occur prior to offering an acting/interim appointment.

  1. Contact appropriate administrators and Affirmative Action to obtain verbal or written approval to proceed to evaluate internal candidates for an acting/interim assignment.
  2. Prepare a position announcement, including duties and qualifications for the acting/interim assignment.
  3. Distribute the position announcement to all faculty/staff in channels reporting to the vacant position. Ask that nominations and/or statements of interest be submitted by a specific date to ensure consideration. Internal pools may be severely underrepresented in minorities and women. All qualified protected group members should be encouraged to apply.
  4. Evaluate the information provided by the candidates and faculty/staff in light of the qualifications for the position and affirmative action goals.
  5. Submit an Appendix 12 form and a letter briefly justifying the selection through appropriate administrative channels to the Office of Institutional Equity. State the anticipated time frame for filling the position on a permanent basis. OIE staff will prepare the employment contract and send it to the Provost/Vice President or President, as appropriate, for signature. The contract will be forwarded to the hiring unit to convey to the candidate.