Screening and Selection Process to Fill a University Support Staff Position

University Support Staff Recruitment Procedures
The recruitment step of the hiring process is handled by Human Resources

EEO Screening and Selection Procedures for Classified Vacancies

Once a certified list has been established by Human Resources, the Office of Institutional Equity assists the departments with the screening and selecting of classified applicants. The following procedures ensure that screening and selection procedures comply with Federal EEO regulations.

1. Establish a screening and interview panel:
Search committees must have at least two screeners. These are usually persons who are familiar with the position and its responsibilities. The search committee should meet prior to screening the applicants and develop a screening matrix that defines the 1, 2, and 3 ratings. Screening matrix examples: Accountant III, Administrative Specialist

2. Screen the applications and resumes:
Each screener should independently review each application and resume and rate each job qualification to determine each applicant's total score on the AA-28. Next, each screener's totals will be used to prepare a summary AA-28 form that shows the total combined scores (the sum of each screener's scores) or the average score (the total score of all the screeners divided by the number of screeners). Indicate on the summary AA-28 the applicants you would like to interview.

3. Authorization to conduct interviews: 
Submit the summary AA-28, each individual screener's AA-28, and the position summary (ad on Human Resources' website) to the Office of Institutional Equity. The forms can be hand delivered to the Office of Institutional Equity, 103 Edwards Hall; sent via facsimile, Fax: 532-4374.

4. Office of Institutional Equity reviews the forms: 
Once the Office of Institutional Equity reviews the forms, a staff member will contact you to authorize interviews. Be prepared to explain the job qualifications, ratings and scores when you talk to the Office of Institutional Equity staff member.  The staff member will either authorize you to interview applicants or ask questions; then authorize the interviews or ask you to explain, modify or eliminate a job qualification.  This is usually because the staff member is concerned that a job qualification cannot be evaluated by the screening procedure or gives an unfair advantage to an internal applicant.  If you are unable to contact an applicant, the staff member may authorize you to contact other applicants on the list.

5. Interview the applicants: 
Schedule interviews, interview applicants then conduct employment references.  Use the interview questions approved by Human Resources.  Take good notes.  Select the candidate who is best prepared to successfully perform the duties of the position.  Also, identify one or two other candidates whom you would also offer the position, in case the top candidate declines the job offer.

6. Authorization to make a job offer: 
Provide job-related reasons for selection for the candidate you would like to offer the position. Provide job related reasons for non-selection for those candidates interviewed but not selected. This can be prepared in a word processing document and hand delivered, faxed or e-mailed to Jaime Parker ( Reasons for selection/non-selection should be based on job related skills, knowledge and abilities. An Office of Institutional Equity staff member will review the selection/non-selection criteria and contact the department with authorization to make a job offer. Be prepared to explain the reasoning for selection/non-selection. Departments can identify their second and third choices and the reason(s) that make each of them acceptable for the position.

7. Offer the position and submit paperwork.  Offer the position to the selected applicant contingent on a background check.   After the offer is accepted, complete the PER-10 form, including the reason for selection/non-selection, sign and obtain signatures and submit the form to the Office of Institutional Equity.  The staff member will sign the PER-10 and return the original document to you via campus mail.

Please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 532-6220 if you have any questions.