Recruitment and Selection

Our Affirmative Action Program, as mandated by Executive Order 11246, requires that the recruiting unit make vigorous good-faith efforts to recruit minorities and women for positions in which they are not represented to the extent they are deemed to be available in the pool of qualified persons. It must be understood that estimates of availability of minorities and women for specific positions are educated guesses. Ideally, we would expect that a good-faith recruitment effort designed to reach all qualified persons would result in an applicant pool and hiring results reflecting our availability estimates.

Services Provided

Advise and Consult with Search Committees

At the beginning of a search, hiring units may invite an OIE staff member to meet with the search committee to review equal opportunity and affirmative action principles, policies and procedures, explain the forms used in the search, availability and utilization data, discuss possible recruitment sources and strategies, and special outreach efforts. As the search progresses, OIE staff are available to discuss screening procedures, evaluation of applicants' qualifications, reference checking, and on-campus interviews. When hiring units identify finalists, OIE staff members are available to discuss the relative strengths of the candidates.  

Manage Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance

OIE staff consults with department officials concerning recruitment efforts to inform individuals covered by the affirmative action program of job opportunities, to assess the degree to which the department affords qualified individuals an equal opportunity to apply for jobs, training, promotion and transfers. OIE staff may also review salaries disciplinary and termination records to look for evidence of inequitable salaries or differential treatment.