Kansas State University is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks diversity among its employees.

The Office of Institutional Equity staff consists of a Director/Title IX Coordinator, Investigator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator, an Assistant Director, and an Administrative Officer. The director and the assistant director serve as liaisons between the OIE and certain academic and administrative units. However, in the absence of a unit's liaison, the other staff member will be available. Each one can provide guidance, interpret policies and procedures, meet with search committees, collaborate with you in resolving complaints, and many other things. The Investigator conducts investigations of possible violations of the University's anti-discrimination policy, develops relevant training materials, and delivers training to the campus community.

Danielle Dempsey-Swopes, J.D., Senior Investigator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Danielle thoroughly and expeditiously conducts investigations and reviews complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and retaliation. She writes administrative review reports that include a thorough analysis of the complaint and makes findings of fact, determination, and recommendation of sanctions, as necessary. She also prepares a written analysis on trends involving complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, and retaliation. Danielle develops and presents materials on discrimination training to the campus community. 

Chelsea Cooley, Administrative Officer
Alana Peoples, Student Assistant
Lindsey Swartz, Student Assistant