Welcome to the course v17.0
Welcome to Maybe Baby: A short course on becoming a father. This not a fancy website with flashy graphics and animation. There are no blinking ads or irrelevant links. The information is provided in a simple and logical manner and will be easy to navigate.

In this “course,” you and I will have a conversation. As I wrote this material, I imagined sitting across from you at your kitchen table. Maybe we are having coffee together. This is an informal experience. You are not sitting at a desk in a classroom. No lectures here. You and I are just two people who could become friends visiting about the idea of becoming a father.

As I share this information with you, my goal is to encourage you to think through the decision of becoming a father and to consider the challenges and opportunities you face if you become one. At the conclusion of the course you might decide that you are ready to become a father. Or you might decide that becoming a father now is not the right thing to do. If you are now the father of a baby, the course will provide you with some ideas for navigating you through these early stages of being a dad.

This is not a course on parenting. You can visit my WonderWise Parent website and RaisingCourageousKids.com (both will open to new browser windows) to learn more about childrearing. Also, check with your community librarian for the best and most recent parenting books.