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Women of K-State

Women of K-State
Office of the President
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506

Kiley Moody

Final Report of the Survey of the Women of the K-State Faculty and Staff

Appendix B - Agenda Meeting to Discuss Results of the Survey of Female Faculty and Staff
  1. Supervisory Training
    1. What’s available
    2. Requirements
    3. How to make it available/required for more supervisors
  2. Professional Development
  3. Promotion/Career Planning
  4. Salary Equity
    1. There is a salary equity model/study for faculty, but it needs to be evaluated again
    2. There is no model for unclassified professionals
    3. This could be valuable as a 2025 baseline
  5. Climate Survey
    1. This was last done in FY 2003, but did not include classified employees
    2. It would need to be reviewed and revised
    3. This could be valuable as a 2025 baseline
  6. Lights Out
    1. Text #
    2. Email address