"Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity is a social fraternity that was founded in 1986 at the University of Iowa. It is based on cultural understanding and wisdom. Most noteworthy is that 18 men of whom 16 were of Latin American or Hispanic origin/descent founded Sigma Lambda Beta."

"We believe in the principles of fairness, opportunity and in the equality of all men regardless of their race, culture or ethnicity. Our biggest goal is to see that society can realize the importance of these three principles. In order to achieve this goal, we all strive to model these behaviors and present ourselves in a gentlemanly and educated fashion."

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Phi Chapter History

On March 3, 1993, Ian Bautista called together a group of students, which included Jose Antonio Ramirez, Juan Carlos Vera, Juan C. Bayolo, and Cesar Soto along with the advisor of Greek Affairs, and the Director of Multicultural Student Affairs. This group was assembled to discuss the idea of bringing a Fraternity to K-State, but not just any Fraternity. They wanted a Fraternity that would revolutionize the way Greeks were perceived at Kansas State and would encourage multi-cultural students to achieve success.

At the next meeting, on March 11th, along with Norm Sedillo, these men unanimously voted that Sigma Lambda Beta was the Fraternity that would meet the needs and wants of this interest group. They chose Sigma Lambda Beta because this organization represented the high ideals that Bautista and the rest of the interest group wanted to promote. These ideas were brotherhood, scholarship, leadership, and the choice to comport oneself in a gentlemanly fashion.

Thus, on April 17th the Kansas State interest group for Sigma Lambda Beta was formed. During that semester, Cesar E. Chavez died in his sleep. To honor his memory, the Sigma Lambda Beta Interest Group, in conjunction with the Sigma Lambda Gamma Interest Group handed out black and red ribbons and distributed information about Chavez at Latino Night at the KSSU. This would be an auspicious beginning to the Beta/Gamma relationship at K-State.

The next semester, the interest group held a welcome back picnic for the students, during which Santos J. Ramirez, John F. Martinez, Zach Eldredge, Bryan Caudillo, and Carmen Sanchez were in attendance.

Later that year, on October 29-31, several Interest Group members attended the United States Hispanic Leadership Conference and went before the Sigma Lambda Beta National Board of Directors to Request Colony Status. Colony Status was conditionally approved on October 30, 1993. With the addition of Marty Almendarez, they adopted "Somos Latinos sin Barreras" (“Latinos without barriers“) as their interest group name.

On February 4, 1994, Somos Latinos Sin Barreras was honored by the presence of Founding Fathers Baltazar Mendoza-Madrigal and Enrique Carbajal as well as Brother Frank Mota. These three brothers that came to K-State served as D.O.P.’s for these young men. Thus they began there journey to becoming Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta.

These 13 men traveled many times to Iowa City, Iowa, in hopes of attaining their goal. Finally, on the night of April 9th, 1994, these men were initiated into the most honorable brotherhood of Sigma Lambda Beta.

Upon their return to K-State, these Brothers wanted to express their gratitude to the Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta, the ladies of Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority and all the organizations who assisted them in achieving their hard-fought dream. They decided that one weekend a year would be dedicated to thanking these organizations and promoting Brotherhood.

April 22nd was the 1st annual Purple Power Weekend. This would prove to be a longstanding tradition at K-State. The Colony worked in conjunction with Sigma Lambda Gamma to organize and put on this event. That year’s Purple Power Weekend, like so many after, was a complete success.

On October 29th, 1994 this colony petitioned the S.L.B. International Board of Directors for Chapter Status. After observing these Brothers' hard-work, dedication and love for Sigma Lambda Beta and it’s ideals, the Board granted them the letter “Phi”. Since that day, the K-State Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta was forever known as the “pHuNkY Phi”.

PHI Chapter Founders - "Los Pioneros"

1. Carmen "Chavo" Sanchez
2. Santos "Gordo" Ramirez
3. Ian "Jefe" Bautista
4. Norm "Medico" Sedillo
5. Tony "Saposo" Ramirez
6. Marty "Mijo" Almendarez
7. Juan "Jodon" Bayolo
8. Brian "Fiel" Caudillo
9. Rob "Papi" Rawlings
10. Cesar "Junito" Soto
11. Juan "Calin" Vera
12. John "Payaso" Martinez
13. Zach "Casa" Eldredge

Lines of the Phi

Executive Board 2012-2013


Roberto Varela


Johnny Varela


Jorge Espinoza


Jose R. Gonzalez


Jeff Andrade

Marketing and Recruitment Chair

Juan Banuelas

Faculty Adivisor

Anthony Ybarra