Strange parasitology
Some unusual and bizarre articles from our past

The following represents some parasitological oddities strictly for your amusement. Many of these represent pseudoparasitism, whereas others are just plain strange. I'll continue to add to the list as I encounter new articles

  1. an apple a day (.pdf)
  2. auto what? (.pdf)
  3. some people will eat anything (.pdf)
  4. the incident with the caterpillar (.pdf)
  5. kill the messenger (.pdf)
  6. the ascarid rumor is true (.pdf)
  7. what's with the beetles? (.pdf)
  8. leech mastitis (.pdf)
  9. cries for help (.pdf)
  10. jeepers creepers (.pdf)
  11. pesky flies (.pdf)
  12. another fly tale (.pdf)
  13. more leech tales (.pdf)
  14. a truly unpleasant experience (.pdf)
  15. another nasal leech (.pdf)
  16. three unusual cases (.pdf)

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Updated: 17 November 2004