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Kansas State University Message Board Procedures and Policies


The K-State Message Board is located on Anderson Avenue, south of the university's parking garage, between 17th Street and Mid Campus Drive. The board is available for the purpose of announcing university related information to the K-State campus and surrounding community. The Message Board Consortium has developed the following policies and procedures.


1) Operating Hours

a. The K-State Message Board will operate 7 days a week from 5 a.m.-1 a.m.

b. Each message will run for 1 minute in a queue.

c. Message Board screen will be asleep between 1a.m.-5.a.m.


2) Scheduling Priorities (based on availability)

a. Tier I members (the consortium members: K-State Student Union, Beach Museum of Art, McCain Auditorium, KSU Foundation, K-State Alumni Association, and K-State Student Life Division) will have priority scheduling. Each member will receive a minimum of 5 exposures per hour.

b. Tier II members, identified campus entities, will receive 3 exposures per hour.

c. Tier III members, consisting of any campus department or recognized organization, will receive 2 exposures of a single message per hour.

d. The university has the right to use the message board exclusively for emergency situations and notifications as events require.


3) Message Requirements

a. Messages are limited to 15 words or 100 characters.

b. Logos and photographs must have resolution of at least 150 dpi.

c. Files can be submitted ONLY in the following formats: bitmap, gif, jpeg, or png.

d. Completed message size requirements: 160 x 64 pixels at 150 dpi.

e. Minimum message suggested components

i. Campus entity name and/or logo
ii. Date, time, and place of event
iii. Cost of event

f. Any use of protected K-State logos or trademarks must follow university trademark and licensing agreements and policies.


4) Creating your message

a. You may provide your own message following the guidelines in Section 3

b. K-State Student Union or K-State Alumni Association Graphics can design a message tailored to your target audience for a per-message design fee. See Section 7. Graphic designers with the Division of Communications and Marketing may also be able to offer design services.

c. The message board's screen surface is 4'2" x 10'3".


5) Prohibited messages

a. Political campaign messages of any kind -- university, local, state, or national.

b. Off-campus commercial messages.

c. Any promotion of alcohol or tobacco.

d. Fundraisers, with the exception of KSU Foundation or K-State Alumni Association coordinated or university approved events.

e. Personal messages (ex: birthday wishes, congratulations, etc).

f. Messages inconsistent with K-State policies as well as local, state, and federal law.

g. Naming of commercial sponsorships for events or activities with the exception of Tier I members.

h. Messages that compete with university services and contracted businesses.

i. The Message Board Consortium reserves the right to prohibit additional messages on a case-by-case basis when it comes to controversial or sensitive issues. The Consortium Edit Committee will decide on any messages with questionable content. Any appeal beyond that point would be directed to the office of the Vice President of Communications and Marketing, or its designate.


6) Message Request Procedures

a. Email K-State Message Board requests to MESSAGE@K-STATE.EDU.

b. Completed message request must be submitted by 4 p.m., 10 business days in advance of the date the message begins.

c. Messages that need to be created must be submitted by 4 p.m., 14 business days in advance of the date the message begins.

d. Event messages will run for 7 day blocks.

e. Requests must include sponsoring organization, point of contact, phone number and email address.

f. Once the message has been formatted or created, the message board coordinator will send an email to sponsor contact for confirmation. Requestors are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their display message and terms of agreement. Approval must be submitted to the message board coordinator via email within 48 hrs of confirmation email. If the coordinator does not receive approval, message will not be displayed.

g. Message requests not adhering to these guidelines will not be displayed.


7) Costs

a. Tier I members provided the initial funds for the K-State Message Board.

b. For fiscal year 2011, Tier II charter members purchased a message package for $1,200. Fiscal year 2012 annual package rates will be $2,000 per year. (Those interested in future Tier II membership should contact the message board coordinator at MESSAGE@K-STATE.EDU)

c. Tier III message costs will be $100 per week or $300 per month.

d. K-State Student Union or K-State Alumni Association graphics design fee per message is $75.


8) Terms of Agreement

a. Tier II members will sign an annual contract.

b. Tier III users' approval email to the message board coordinator constitutes an agreement to pay for requested message board usage.

c. Tier III message board invoices will be mailed at the end of each month.

d. Net payment is due within 30 days of the date of invoice.

e. Delinquent accounts forfeit their opportunity to use the message board until account is brought current.


9) Miscellaneous

a. The K-State Message Board Consortium Advisory Committee reserves the right to:

i. Prohibit the display of messages that are in violation of these policies and procedures.
ii. Alter broadcast times
iii. Edit messages for space limitations, content clarity, aesthetics, and good broadcasting practices.

b. Any or all situations not included in current policies will be reviewed by the K-State Message Board Consortium.

c. The Consortium Edit Committee will decide on any messages with questionable content. Any appeal beyond that point would be directed to the office of the Vice President of Communications and Marketing or its designate.


Rev. March 2011