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January 2009



Friday, Jan. 30, 2009


DESIGN PROFESSIONALS RANK K-STATE'S INTERIOR DESIGN AND INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE PROGRAMS AS BEST IN THE NATION, THREE OTHER ARCHITECTURE PROGRAMS ALSO RANK HIGH: A recent survey of architecture and design firms has ranked Kansas State University's bachelor of interior design and interior architecture programs as the best in the nation, with three other architecture degree programs also earning top 10 rankings.

K-STATE AMERICAN HUMANICS STUDENTS EARN NATIONAL RECOGNITIONS: Two Kansas State University students in the American Humanics/nonprofit leadership focus of K-State's leadership studies minor have been recognized with special honors for their leadership efforts.

CHILD PRODIGY CONRAD TAO TO PERFORM AT K-STATE'S MCCAIN AUDITORIUM: Conrad Tao began playing the piano at 18 months of age. Now at age 13, he travels the United States and abroad to showcase his musical talent on both piano and violin.

K-STATE IDENTIFIES COMPUTER SECURITY LAPSE: Kansas State University is notifying 45 students who were enrolled in an agricultural economics class in spring 2001 that some personal information was inadvertently exposed on the Internet through a K-State departmental Web site.

K-STATE STUDENTS EARN SEMESTER, GRADUATION HONORS: Nearly 1,800 students earned semester honors from Kansas State University for their academic performance during the fall 2008 semester. In addition, 102 students received December 2008 graduation honors to recognize their outstanding academic performance as undergraduates.

K-STATE PROFESSOR USES BIRDING TO GET PEOPLE TO SLOW DOWN AND TAKE IN THEIR NATURAL SURROUNDINGS: When looking to take in a little nature, most would probably head for the nearest prairie or hiking trail. No need, according to Kansas State University's Ted Cable. All you need to do is look out the window.

K-STATE FACULTY EARN SABBATICAL LEAVE FOR 2009-2010 ACADEMIC YEAR: Sabbatical leaves are being granted to 39 Kansas State University faculty members in the 2009-2010 school year. The purpose and length of each leave varies, with some faculty members using the time for research projects in the U.S. or internationally, to teach at other institutions or for other academic pursuits.


Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009


K-STATE RESEARCHERS INVESTIGATE HISPANIC HEALTH TO BETTER PROMOTE CULTURALLY SENSITIVE HEALTH PROGRAMS: A healthy lifestyle is not a one-size-fits-all kind of method, according to Kansas State University researchers investigating the current health status of some heavily Hispanic communities in southwestern Kansas to provide direction and ideas for improving health in the future.

NEWS TIP: K-STATE PHYSICIST PART OF RESEARCH GROUP DEVELOPING ELECTROMECHANICAL PROBES TO HELP SCIENTISTS UNDERSTAND TISSUE-LEVEL PROCESSES LIKE WOUND HEALING: Bret Flanders, K-State associate professor of physics, is part of a research group that develops nanowire-based electromechanical probes of living cells. One of their goals is to measure the force exerted by cells during migration.

Getting ready for Valentine's Day: K-STATE HORTICULTURE PROFESSOR SAYS FLOWERS CONVEY FEELINGS WITHOUT WORDS: Whether it is a dozen red roses, a single carnation or a flowering potted plant, the emotional power of giving flowers on Valentine's Day remains strong, according to Richard Mattson, a Kansas State University professor of horticulture.

Getting ready for Valentine's Day: K-STATE HOSPITALITY EXPERT GIVES ADVICE ON CREATING A ROMANTIC DINING ATMOSPHERE AND TIPS ON HOW TO DO VALENTINE'S DAY ON A BUDGET: The perfect Valentine's Day dinner is all about planning, and with the big day right around the corner, the planning should start now, according to Pat Pesci, head of Kansas State University hotel and restaurant management program.

FUNDRAISING EVENT SET FOR FEB. 27 TO HELP K-STATE'S HISTORIC COSTUME AND TEXTILE MUSEUM: A fundraising event with a fashionable and historic touch will mark the opening of a special exhibition at Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum featuring clothing and accessories from K-State's Historic Costume and Textile Museum.


Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009


TWO K-STATE STUDENTS SELECTED TO ATTEND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE'S 2009 AGRICULTURAL OUTLOOK FORUM: Two Kansas State University students have been selected to attend the U.S. Department of Agriculture's 2009 Agricultural Outlook Forum, Feb. 26-27, in Arlington, Va.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GREAT WAR WILL BE FOCUS OF K-STATE EXHIBITION OPENING FEB. 2: Few exhibitions about World War I take into account the contributions of the African-American "associated forces," according to Pellom McDaniels III, an assistant professor of history and American studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

FOUR K-STATE STUDENTS NAMED NEXT GENERATION NONPROFIT LEADERS BY AMERICAN HUMANICS: Four Kansas State University students interested in careers with nonprofit or philanthropic organizations have been selected as spring 2009 Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders by American Humanics.

K-STATE STUDENT FIRST RECIPIENT OF NEW SCHOLARSHIP FROM AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PHOTOGRAMMETRY AND REMOTE SENSING: Kansas State University's Nicole Wayant, senior in geography and mathematics, Topeka, is the inaugural recipient of the $1,000 Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship from the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.


Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009


K-STATE VETERINARIAN'S RESEARCH FINDS THAT DOG OWNERS MORE LIKELY TO SHARE GERMS WITH PETS BY NOT WASHING HANDS THAN BY SLEEPING WITH DOG, GETTING LICKS ON THE FACE: Dog owners who sleep with their pet or permit licks on the face are in good company. Surveys show that more than half of owners bond with their pets in these ways.

K-STATE NOW OFFERING CERTIFICATE IN NONVIOLENCE STUDIES: Kansas State University students are getting the opportunity to learn how to change local and global conditions that can lead to violence -- and get credit for it, too.

SANDZEN EXHIBITION INSPIRES MUSIC AT K-STATE'S BEACH MUSEUM OF ART: Life inspires art and art inspires music -- at least the "Sandzens From the Sandzen" exhibition has at Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.


Monday, Jan. 26, 2009


K-STATE STUDENT RESEARCHES BREAST CANCER IN CATS AND DOGS: Just like in humans, cancer can occur in any part of the body of dogs and cats. That's why one Kansas State University student is researching breast cancer that affects these common pets.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE MAY 27-29 AT K-STATE ON THE USE OF ANTIMICROBIALS IN CATTLE PRODUCTION: The use of antimicrobials, which includes antibiotics, in cattle production -- as for all food animals -- is an issue that is put before producers and consumers on a daily basis, according to Dr. Mike Apley, a Kansas State University veterinarian and clinical pharmacologist whose work focuses on this area.

K-STATE STUDENTS CAN SUBMIT RESEARCH ABSTRACTS FOR UNIVERSITY'S ANNUAL RESEARCH FORUM: Kansas State University graduate and undergraduate students who want to participate in the upcoming K-State Research Forum should submit their research abstracts online by 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30.

DOCENT TRAINING AT K-STATE'S KONZA PRAIRIE TO START FEB. 21: If you are interested in the tallgrass prairie, would like to learn more about grasslands and think you might enjoy introducing others to the joys of the prairie, Kansas State University's Konza Prairie Biological Station has an opportunity for you.


Friday, Jan. 23, 2009


K-STATE STUDENTS INVITED TO COME UP WITH THE 'NEXT BIG THING' FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETITION: Kansas State University's new Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship has a challenge for K-State students with entrepreneurial ideas. The "Next Big Thing" competition asks K-State students to put their ideas to the test in exchange for $9,000 in prize money.

RECORD NUMBER OF K-STATE ARMY ROTC CADETS RECEIVE GREEN TO GOLD SCHOLARSHIPS: Kansas State University's Army ROTC program has been so successful at using scholarships to recruit quality cadets that the U.S. Army recently provided the program more scholarships to attract active duty soldiers to K-State.

K-STATE'S 2009 SEASON FOR NONVIOLENCE TO FOCUS ON FOOD AND HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS: Food, food systems and human relationships will be the focus of Kansas State University's eighth annual Season for Nonviolence, Jan. 30-April 4.

K-STATE CHAPTER OF MORTAR BOARD ORGANIZING KANSAS ACADEMIC DECATHLON: The Kansas Academic Decathlon will be Friday, Jan. 30, and Saturday, Jan. 31, at Kansas State University.


Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009



K-STATE AGING EXPERTS SAY WHEN CHOOSING A NURSING HOME, DON'T JUST RELY ON RATINGS; LOOK FOR SIGNS THAT RESIDENTS LIVE WITH AS MUCH FREEDOM AS POSSIBLE: When choosing a nursing home, Kansas State University aging experts suggest visiting the facility in the morning. If some of the residents are still sleeping while others are eating breakfast, that's a sign that they're determining their own schedules rather than doing what's easiest for staff, said Gayle Doll, director of K-State's Center on Aging.

NEWS TIP: K-STATE'S FINANCIAL THERAPY CLINIC, WHICH BLENDS FINANCIAL COUNSELING WITH MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY, OPENS JAN. 28 IN DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN: Kansas State University's Institute of Personal Financial Planning opens its financial therapy clinic Wednesday, Jan. 28.

WORLD FAMOUS RUSSIAN NATIONAL BALLET THEATRE TO PERFORM AT K-STATE'S MCCAIN AUDITORIUM: The Russian National Ballet Theatre comes to Kansas State University's McCain Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 31, as part of the 2008-09 McCain Performance Series.

K-STATE'S BEACH MUSEUM OF ART OFFERING FAMILY VALENTINE WORKSHOP: The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University will have a valentine-themed workshop for families from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 1, at the museum.


Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009


K-State experts for Kansas Day: DAYS OF CATTLE DRIVES IN KANSAS AND ACROSS THE GREAT PLAINS LEFT INDELIBLE MARK ON AMERICAN CULTURE, SAYS K-STATE RESEARCHER: When you wear blue jeans or call someone a "stinker," you have a cowboy to thank. Those are just a few of the cultural holdovers from the days of cattle drives in Kansas and elsewhere in the Great Plains, according to a Kansas State University professor.

K-State experts for Kansas Day: STATE SONG OF KANSAS, 'HOME ON THE RANGE,' ONE OF THE BEST KNOWN AND MOST BELOVED COWBOY SONGS, SAYS K-STATE PROFESSOR WHO RESEARCHES THE GENRE: Whether it's referred to as the cowboy national anthem or the "million dollar song," "My Western Home" or "Home on the Range," the official state song of Kansas is one of the best known and most beloved cowboy songs, according to a Kansas State University professor.

K-State experts for Kansas Day: BECAUSE 'WE CAN'T ALL BE AMELIA EARHART,' K-STATE RESEARCHER EXAMINES THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF EVERYDAY KANSAS WOMEN: Amelia Earhart may be the most well-known woman from Kansas since the state was admitted to the union Jan. 29, 1861. "But we can't all be Amelia Earhart," said Michaeline Chance-Reay, assistant professor of women's studies and secondary education at Kansas State University.

K-STATE'S ADVANCED MANUFACTURING INSTITUTE OFFERS STUDENTS INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Kansas State University students will gain some valuable hands-on experience as interns with K-State's Advanced Manufacturing Institute in the spring 2009 semester.


Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009


K-STATE PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH SHOWS HOW POPULAR SONGS CAN CUE SPECIFIC MEMORIES: Whether the soundtrack of your youth was doo-wop or disco, new wave or Nirvana, psychology research at Kansas State University shows that even just thinking about a particular song can evoke vivid memories of the past.

NEW K-STATE WEB SITE OFFERS SUPPORT, RESOURCES ON MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES FACING COLLEGE STUDENTS: Kansas State University's counseling services has launched UniversityLifeCafe.org at http://www.UniversityLifeCafe.org -- a new Web site designed to connect students and the K-State community with the resources needed to manage the psychological demands of college life.

K-STATE VETERINARIAN WARNS PET OWNERS OF COMMON HOUSEHOLD DANGERS: Household products that people use every day can pose threats to a pet's health, according to Dr. Susan Nelson, a Kansas State University veterinarian.


Friday, Jan. 16, 2009


K-STATE JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR HAS EMOTIONAL TIES TO HER WORK IN HIV/AIDS RESEARCH: Nancy Muturi, assistant professor of journalism and mass communications at Kansas State University, has a passion for understanding HIV/AIDS and for finding ways to control it.

INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE OF PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION AVAILABLE AT K-STATE'S HALE LIBRARY; K-STATE STUDENT UNION, ALPHA PHI ALPHA TO HOST INAUGURATION WATCH PARTY: Kansas State University is offering two special opportunities to watch the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama on Inauguration Day, Tuesday, Jan. 20.

K-STATE RESEARCHERS SAY FOOD-SAFETY BLOGS ARE KEY WAY TO REACH NEW GENERATION OF FOOD HANDLERS: The growing presence of blogs make the new form of media a key way to inform consumers about safe food practices and to reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses, according to a Kansas State University food scientist.

K-STATE'S CHANG GALLERY TO FEATURE WORK OF ARCHITECTURAL ARTIST FROM ST. LOUIS: Drawings by St. Louis architect and artist Eugene J. Mackey III will go on display at Kansas State University's Chang Gallery Jan. 20-30.

K-STATE'S BEACH MUSEUM TO HOST LECTURE ABOUT 'KANSASIANS' JAN. 29: To accompany its exhibition on Japanese-American artist Roger Shimomura, Kansas State University's Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art will offer a lecture on the historical experiences of Asian-Americans in Kansas at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 29.

THIRD ANNUAL KANSAS MASONRY CONFERENCE FEB. 4 AT K-STATE: The third annual Kansas Masonry Conference, "Masonry -- the Material of Choice," will be Wednesday, Feb. 4, at Kansas State University.


Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009


NEWS TIP: K-STATE CONTRIBUTES TO RESEARCH THAT COULD HELP SCIENTISTS UNDERSTAND HOW PLANTS RESPOND TO CLIMATE CHANGE; RESULTS IN THE JOURNAL SCIENCE EXPRESS: Researchers from Kansas State University contributed to a $5 million study of plant responses to varying climates. The results appear in the journal Science online feature Science Express.

K-STATE RESEARCHERS TO USE K-STATE'S BIOSECURITY RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR $1 MILLION STUDY OF THE WHEAT BLAST FUNGUS THAT COULD THREATEN CROPS ACROSS THE STATE: Kansas is lucky that a devastating wheat fungus isn't threatening the state's crops yet. Researchers at Kansas State University are getting $1 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to keep it that way.

SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE AT K-STATE JAN. 23 TO HIGHLIGHT SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS, RESEARCH AND WAYS TO ENGAGE PUBLIC, COMMUNITIES IN KANSAS: Developing awareness of the diverse sustainability needs of Kansas is just one of the goals of an upcoming conference at Kansas State University that will showcase the university's efforts in sustainability on campus and across the state.

K-STATE ARCHITECTURE PROFESSOR'S PROJECT SHOWS HOW RESIDENTS CAN BE HEALTHIER WITH URBAN DESIGN THAT MAKES WALKING, BIKING ENJOYABLE WAYS TO GET AROUND TOWN: There's a piece of fitness equipment that can help you squeeze in exercise on your way to work, to the grocery store or even to a friend's house. And if you live in a traditionally designed neighborhood, it's right outside your front door.

K-STATE RESEARCH SHOWS THAT CONSUMERS WHO UNDERSTAND IMPACT OF CHOOSING SUSTAINABLE FOOD MAY NOT UNDERSTAND IMPORTANCE OF SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING: Among sustainability enthusiasts, choosing organic food at the grocery store may come as second nature. But research by a Kansas State University professor is showing that such green choices don't necessarily transfer from the grocery shelf to the clothing rack.


Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009


K-STATE SCHEDULES BUDGET FORUMS TO INFORM AND GET INPUT: How declining revenues in Kansas will impact Kansas State University will be the topic of a series of budget forums scheduled in the next few weeks at K-State.

K-STATE DANCE PROGRAM BRINGING GUEST ARTISTS BERNARD WOMA AND CHANON JUDSON TO CAMPUS IN FEBRUARY: Traditional West African music and dance and modern dance will be the focus of two guest artists who will work with Kansas State University's dance program in the spring 2009 semester.

K-STATE APPOINTS TWO NEW DEANS: CAROL SHANKLIN TO HEAD GRADUATE SCHOOL AND SUE MAES TO HEAD DIVISION OF CONTINUING EDUCATION: The interim deans of Kansas State University's Graduate School and Division of Continuing Education have earned regular appointments to their respective positions from Duane Nellis, K-State senior vice president and provost.

K-STATE STUDENTS TO CONNECT WITH AGRICULTURAL COMPANIES AT AGRI-INDUSTRY CAREER FAIR: Kansas State University students who attend the Agri-Industry Career Fair will have the chance to impress more than 60 companies offering potential internships and jobs.

K-STATE AT SALINA OFFERING NON-CREDIT CLASSES IN GREEN LAWN CARE, BASIC HOME REPAIR, HEALTH AND NUTRITION AND MORE: Green lawn care, health and nutrition, and basic home repair for females are just some of the non-credit classes being offering in the spring 2009 semester by Kansas State University at Salina.


Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009


K-STATE COMPUTER ENGINEERS WORKING ON SYSTEM THAT CAN USE THE INTERNET TO TRACK HUMAN AND ANIMAL DISEASES BY EXTRACTING INFORMATION FROM WEB SITES: Information that could help scientists and public health officials mitigate the spread of human and animal diseases may be as close as the nearest Internet connection.

K-STATE STUDENT RESEARCHES DECLINING BIRD POPULATIONS TO HELP RESTORE SPECIES: Jorge Mendoza used to think research sounded dull, but that was until he experienced research firsthand, like spending late summer nights at Kansas State University's Konza Prairie Biological Station as part of a project to better understand the natural history of birds.


Monday, Jan. 12, 2009


K-STATE A TOP MILITARY-FRIENDLY UNIVERSITY FOR SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR: Military Advanced Education magazine has selected Kansas State University among the top schools for serving military members in 2008.

MUSICAL COMEDY 'NUNSENSE,' FEATURING SALLY STRUTHERS, COMING TO K-STATE'S MCCAIN AUDITORIUM: "Nunsense," a musical comedy featuring Emmy Award-winning actress Sally Struthers, is coming to Kansas State University's McCain Auditorium as part of a national tour celebrating the show's 25th anniversary.


Friday, Jan. 9, 2009


DIRECTOR OF K-STATE'S A.Q. MILLER SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATIONS NOT SURPRISED K-STATE ALUM PETE SOUZA TO SERVE AS WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER AGAIN: The head of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University says it is not surprising that K-State alum Pete Souza will soon be serving his second stint as chief White House photographer.

K-STATE OFFERING COURSES IN TRAFFIC ASSISTANCE SERVICES FOR KANSAS: Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Highway Administration and the Kansas Department of Transportation, are offering courses in traffic assistance services for Kansas.

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009


K-STATE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PROFESSOR RECEIVES AWARD IN WHITE HOUSE CEREMONY: Krista Walton, assistant professor of chemical engineering at Kansas State University, is the recipient of a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the nation's highest honor for professionals at the outset of their independent scientific research careers.

SECONDARY MAJOR IN BIOENGINEERING A FIRST FOR K-STATE'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: To meet a growing need for engineers with a biological background, Kansas State University's College of Engineering recently launched a secondary major in bioengineering -- and already has its first graduate in the program.

K-STATE AT SALINA ADDS CESSNA 421B TO UNIVERSITY'S LEARNING FLEET FOR AVIATION MAINTENANCE TRAINING: The fleet of learning aircraft at Kansas State University at Salina continues to grow with the gift of a pressurized twin-engine Cessna 421B.


Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009


OPINION: NBAF IS A PERFECT FIT FOR A COLLEGE TOWN: Prepared by Ralph Richardson, DVM, is dean of the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine.

'REALIZING THE DREAM' TO BE THE FOCUS OF K-STATE'S MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. OBSERVANCE WEEK, JAN. 19-23: An inaugural party celebrating the nation's first black president, a firsthand account of the civil rights movement in Kansas and community service projects are just some of the activities taking place during Kansas State University's Martin Luther King Jr. Observance Week, Jan. 19-23.

K-STATE PHYSICAL FITNESS EXPERT SAYS WII FIT IS A PROMISING TOOL FOR ALL AGES, THOUGH GAME'S HEALTH MEASUREMENTS ARE FLAWED: While some emerging technologies can create environments that require very little physical effort, one Kansas State University researcher thinks games like Nintendo's Wii Fit can help promote physical rather than sedentary activities for people of all ages.

K-STATE STUDENT, STAFF MEMBER TO RECEIVE HONORS FOR THEIR DIVERSITY EFFORTS: The work of Kansas State University's Careem Gladney, senior in accounting, and Rebeca Paz, coordinator of the PILOTS Program, in helping multicultural students get the most from K-State will be recognized with Commerce Bank Presidential awards.


Monday, Jan. 5, 2009


K-STATE STUDENT RESEARCHES CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE OF ANTICANCER DRUGS: Jackie Johnson, junior in pre-professional secondary education and chemistry, is researching how to improve anticancer drugs by altering the physical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients, or APIs, used in the manufacturing of a wide array of therapeutic drugs.

TWIST CAREER DAY FOR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS JAN. 8 AT K-STATE AT SALINA: The 16th annual TWIST Career Day will be Thursday, Jan. 8, at Kansas State University at Salina. The event will start around 9 a.m. in the College Center Conference Room.


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