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Kansas State University

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Lauren W. Ritterbush recently completed the Manhattan Archaeological Survey for the city of Manhattan.  In addition to a formal report of Phase I and Phase II archaeological survey results and recommendations, Ritterbush presented this research to the Historic Resources Board of the city of Manhattan, Aug. 10, and at a public presentation "From Spear Points to Stone Fences," Aug. 13.


Johann Coetzee presented "Comparison of Pre and Post Surgical Pharmacokinetics of Xylazine Ketamine of Butorphanol," American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Sept. 10, Omaha, Neb.


Chuck W. Martin published "Recent Changes in Heavy Metal Storage in Flood-Plain Soils of the Lahn River, Central Germany," Environmental Geology, Vol. 58, No. 4.


Matt Brueseke presented "Regional Implications of Silicic Magmatism in The Mid-Miocene Santa Rosa-Calico Volcanic Field, Nev.," and with student, "Mid-Miocene Volcanism in Northeast Nevada: Spatial, Chemical, and Chronologic Significance of The Jarbidge Rhyolite," Geological Society of America Penrose Conference, Sept. 9-13.


Danielle Theiss-White and colleague published the chapter "Gathering Leadership Momentum Across Great Distances -- Creating an Online Community of Practice," Strategies for Regenerating the Library and Information Profession," eds. Jana Varlejs and Lewis Liz, New York, 2009.


Kimberly Kirkpatrick and colleagues published "The Effect of Changes in Criterion Value on Differential Reinforcement of Low Rate Schedule Performance," Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Vol. 92.

Kirkpatrick and colleague presented "The Effect of Changes in Reward Magnitude and Delay on Impulsive Behaviour in The Nucleus Accumbens Core," annual meeting of the psychobiology section of the British Psychological Society, Sept. 2-4, Windermere, England.