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Rathbone Hall

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Rathbone Hall houses engineering offices and classrooms.

Building offices

Engineering Research and Graduate Programs, 1042 Rathbone Hall, ergp@k-state.edu, 532-5844,fax 532-7810

Engineering, College of, 1046 Rathbone Hall, deanengr@ksu.edu, 532-5590, fax 532-7810

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Dept. of, 2061 Rathbone Hall, imse@k-state.edu,532-5606, fax 532-3738

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Dept. of, 3002 Rathbone Hall, mne@ksu.edu, 532-5610, fax 532-7057

Multicultural Engineering Program, 1056 Rathbone Hall, ksumep@k-state.edu, 532-5949, fax 532-7810

Engineering Communications, 1058 Rathbone Hall, deanengr@k-state.edu, 532-5590, fax 532-7810


Completed in 1982, Rathbone Hall was named for former Engineering Dean Donald E. Rathbone.