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Center for Child Development

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The Center for Child Development is an early care and education facility serving families in the K-State, Manhattan and Fort Riley communities.

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This $3.5-million facility, which opened its doors November 2010, is 32,000 square feet, more than double the size of its former location in K-State’s Jardine Apartment Complex. The new building was designed using current research on what is best for children and early childhood education teachers. A focus is on connecting the indoors and outdoors, with every classroom having a door directly out to their playground. Natural sunlight floods the building to eliminate or minimize the use of fluorescent lighting.

The new center also encourages movement and supports comfort. Each classroom has an open area with vaulted ceilings for more action-oriented activities and movement between the indoors and outdoors, with the other half of each room having lowered ceilings for more structured and quiet activities.