Precambrian to early Paleozoic quartzite product of a meteor impact?

Mary Hubbard, PhD

Department of Geology

MAry Hubbard initiated a new project in northeastern Utahaimed at determing whether or not a Precambrian to early Paleozoic brecciated quartzite was the product of a meteorite impact. This unit shows a micro-texture in quartz that is commonly associated with the high pressures from a meteor impact. In June of 2003, a KSU Master's student, Kent Swartz, assisted by a KSU undergraduate, Ryan Farmer, started research using a combination of a multispectral (Landsat) satellite image and field mapping to determine the extent of exposures of this brecciated unit as well as the relationship with adjacent units. Kent is continuing to analyze the mineralogy and textural relationship of mineral grains using thin sections from samples collected last summer. This project is still in progress, with an expected sompletion dat of May-June 2004.

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