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9 Month Unclassified Summer Transactions (PER-45)

Fill out the 9 Month Unclassified Summer Transactions (PER-45) (pdf)

This form is used for summer appointment transactions on 9-month employees and for any summer school appointments that are to be entered in HRIS after the summer school data has been finalized.  A separate form needs to be submitted for each appointment.

Completing the Form:

Employee ID (Required):  The eleven-digit identification number assigned to the employee when the employee was hired. This number can be found by going to the "All Jobs Summary" page under Workforce Administration> Job Information> Review Job Information> All Jobs Summary.

Name (Required):  Enter full name of employee using the standard name format used in HRIS:  Last Name, First Name MI

Department ID (Required):  This is the 10-digit number of the department where the employee will work. The first three digits are "367" - KSU agency number - the next two numbers are "0" - the last five digits are the FIS department number.

Department Name (Required):  Official name (description) of the department where the employee will work.

Effective Date (Required):  Begin date of summer appointment (record 11 or higher) or summer school appointment (record 10). 

End Date (required):  End of summer appointment. This is a required field.

Appointment Information:  Enter the record number to which the employee is to be appointed during the summer. The employee will be on leave without pay from their 9-month position (typically Record #0). Mark the appropriate appointment box:

  • Summer School Appointment (Rec #10):  Mark this box if the appointment is for summer school.

  • Summer Appointment (Rec #11):  Mark this box if the appointment is for a summer appointment.

  • Additional Summer Appointment:  This box will only be used if an employee will hold more than one summer appointment (Rec #11) at one time. You will use record #11 as the initial summer appointment and the concurrent record will be record #12 or greater. NOTE: Total FTE of all appointments cannot exceed 1.0.

Position Information

Position Number (Required):  The position number of the summer school or summer appointment. The position used must be active, vacant, and temporary (non-budgeted).  Please reuse vacant summer positions created in previous summers. To determine the summer school positions to be reused, please run the Position Funding by Department Report (pdf) in HRIS with an "as of date" of some date last summer.

FTE (Required):  Indicate the tenths time of the position. Show as 1.0, .50 .30 etc. Remember combined FTE on concurrent appointments must not exceed 1.0. The FTE does not have to match their current position which is on leave without pay.

Benefit Program:  Indicator that determines Benefit Program eligibility. The Benefit Program will equal the benefit program on their current position which is on leave without pay.

Benefit Program Indicator
FT1 - Full time (.75-1.0 FTE)
PT1 - Part time (.5 to .74 FTE) for more than 90 days

Job Code:  Indicates unclassified job code of summer school or summer appointment. Should remain the same as their 9-month position Job Code.

Job Title:  Job title associated with the employee. Should match the Job Code. Should remain the same as their 9-month position Job Title.

Biweekly Compensation Rate (FLSA status: E/exempt) (Required):  Enter biweekly compensation rate if employee is exempt. Exempt employees do not earn overtime.

Hourly Compensation Rate (FLSA status: N/nonexempt):  Enter hourly compensation rate if employee is nonexempt. A non-exempt employee is eligible to earn overtime.

Funding Information:  Provided for Department use. Departments are responsible for updating funding information in HRIS. Funding information provided will not be updated on-line by HCS.

Additional Information:  This section may be used for any additional information relevant to the employee.

Signature Authorization:  Contingent upon internal procedures, the Unit or Department Head, and/or Dean, Vice-President, etc., signs and dates the form to signify approval of the appointment. For multiple appointments, signatures must be obtained from all applicable departments.

Processing Unclassified Transactions for Summer
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