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Commencement Ceremonies

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
Kansas State University
108 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110


Wearing Academic Apparel

All participants are required to wear graduation regalia. Traditionally, graduation regalia is not ornamented. Wearing of corsages, boutonnieres or any other ornamentation is not appropriate to academic protocol. Native American tribal regalia is welcomed as approved regalia for all commencement ceremonies at Kansas State University.

Tassel Placement

Bachelor's candidates

Place tassel on right side of mortar board. Following conferral of degree, place tassel on left side.

Master's and doctoral candidates

Place tassel on left side of mortar board.

Mortar Boards

Wear it squarely on top of the head, board parallel to the floor; not cocked to the sides, forward or back. Decorating of any kind on the mortar boards is discouraged.


Master's candidates

Wear hoods during all academic ceremonies. Marshals will be available to assist you with the proper manner to wear a hood.

Doctoral candidates

The candidate's major professor will carry the hood in approaching the platform. Major professors will hood the candidates during the ceremony.

Honor Cords (bachelor's candidates only)

The cords are attached to the gown on the wearer's left shoulder. Cords are mailed to qualified degree candidates diploma address via the Registrar's Office.