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Below you'll find web links for the authors and works we're reading this semester, as well as recommendations for further reading. Some sites are better than others; as always when using the web, evaluate not only the quantity of the information presented, but its quality (the source of that information or its sponsor, date uploaded, etc.).

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General Resources

On Women's History

On Fashion, Commerce, and Cultural Events

On Women's Literature

On Literary Periods, Genres, and Styles

Literary Periods

Literary Genres and Styles


Fleur Adcock

Margaret Atwood

Jane Austen

Pat Barker

Aphra Behn

Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bronte

Wendy Cope

Anne Finch

L.M. Montgomery

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Gloria Naylor

Jean Rhys

Adrienne Rich

Christina Rossetti

Mary Shelley

Jeanette Winterson

Mary Wollstonecraft

Virginia Woolf

Authors who missed this version of the syllabus...

A.S. Byatt

Angela Carter

Caryl Churchill

Margaret Drabble

Helen Fielding

Penelope Fitzgerald

Doris Lessing

Toni Morrison

Iris Murdoch

J.K. Rowling

Arundhati Roy

Muriel Spark

Alice Walker


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