Graduate School Weekly Newsletter

May 18th, 2021

This newsletter is distributed to department heads, graduate program directors, graduate program contact staff, and graduate faculty. Graduate students receive a weekly email on Mondays from the Graduate Student Council. Information about student events and opportunities are also shared here to keep graduate program administrators, faculty, and staff informed.

Department Heads

Thank you for your continued service to graduate research and education at Kansas State University!

Graduate Program Directors

Encourage students to serve as Graduate Student Ambassadors

The Graduate School is accepting applications for new Graduate Student Ambassadors to share their K-State experiences and to welcome prospective and incoming graduate students to the K-State community. If you have students who are proud and passionate to be a K-State student and would be positive representatives of their program and the graduate community, please encourage them to consider this service role. Graduate student ambassadors respond to email inquiries and provide campus tours to prospective and incoming graduate students. Application deadline is May 21. Questions may be directed to Megan Miller,


Graduate Applications Processing

The internal deadline to recommend admission for International applicants for Fall 2021 was February 1st. This includes individuals who are: Living outside of the United States, applicants who are currently enrolled at an institution in the United States who plan to graduate in spring and plan to travel outside of the United States prior to August.

Departments are encouraged to submit their program recommendations for both International and Domestic applications for admission for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021.

Graduate Student Success

Graduate School and GSC provide over $90,000 in grad student scholarships to support student needs

The Graduate School and GSC offered special Graduate Student Support Scholarships in Spring 2021. The funds came from converting the traditional funding for travel to professional conferences into needs support. Over 180 graduate students received a scholarship. The scholarships primarily provided relief for expenses graduate students incurred as a result of many teaching and learning activities being conducted in a remote format since last March. Scholarships ranging from $125-$300 provided support for investments students made in technology (including Internet service), and scholarships in the amount of $100-$600 assisted students with additional enrollment fees associated with many courses being held in an online format. Additionally, a few scholarships ($900-$2,000 each) were allocated to assist graduate students with publishing their first-author work in open access journals or books.


GSC celebrates graduate student accomplishments in virtual reception

On May 7, the Graduate Student Council recognized over 160 graduate students for awards, accomplishments, leadership, and service in the 2020-2021 academic year. Graduate School is challenging, and K-State graduate students have persisted through the additional pandemic-related obstacles in the past year. The reception recognized graduate students from across campus for awards received from K-State as well from regional, national, and international organizations. The Graduate School and GSC are proud of the accomplishments and contributions our graduate students and look forward to celebrating new successes in the next academic year.


The Histochemical Society Cornerstone Grants

Application Deadline: June 30, 2021

The Histochemical Society’s Graduate Medical Trainee and Graduate Student Cornerstone Grant is encourages interest in histochemistry and histochemical-based research techniques in early-career physicians and scientists. This grant will provide funds to assist graduate medical trainees and graduate students in conducting research involving immunohistochemistry or histochemical techniques and in situ hybridization. The 2021 grant amount is $2,000. Applicants must be graduate medical trainees (residency or fellowship), graduate students (PhD or thesis-based Master’s), or combined degree program students. Click here to submit an application for a Cornerstone or Capstone Grant.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

View the Graduate School’s full calendar of events.

May 18 Deadline, Submit Spring 2021 Final Grades
May 25 Graduate Student Virtual Coffee Chat with the Dean, Noon. Register here
May 31 Deadline, Annual CollegeNet updates, send to