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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Do I have to be a K-State student to practice?
No. We accept any practitioner, regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, or occupation.

Are there beginner classes / Do I have to wait to join?
No. We accept new people at any time. Beginners work with more advanced students during the same class as everyone else. Each person practices as their own skill level and abilities allows.

How do I join class?
Joining Aikido at Kansas State University / Tatsumaki Aikikai

Do I need a Uniform (Gi)?
We do not require a Gi to start practicing until you are sure you want one. A standard white Gi (with a white belt) is fine if you already have your own from a previous martial art. Otherwise you should wear loose-fitting clothing that at minimum covers your knees and preferrably covers elbows. sweats (or BDU pants) and a t-shirt are fine. If there are any buckles that can catch and injure someone, they should be taped.

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