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Profiles: Amanda Valance summary

August 18, 2001. An alligator attacks 14-year-old Edna Wilks as she and a group of kids float on boogie boards. She is pulled under and spun around "like a tornado." When she manages to escape the grip of the alligator and surfaces, she discovers that all of her friends have fled to the safety of shore. Everyone but one - 14-year-old Amanda Valance. Amanda helps Edna, crippled by a broken and bloody arm, onto the boogie board. She then pulls her thirty feet to the shore, a distance that would have been too far for her to reach on her own. Edna had lost so much blood that she showed no blood pressure at the hospital. She narrowly survives the attack.

Florida teen escapes alligator's deathspin
Heroes Among Us: Amanda Valance


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