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Profiles: Jacob Russell Ryker summary (Carnegie Hero Medal winner)

May 21, 1998. In Springfield, Oregon, a 15-year-old boy enters a crowded high school cafeteria and opens fire with a semiautomatic rifle. The boy, a student at the school, had earlier shot and killed three people. One student in the cafeteria is killed and twenty-five are wounded, including Jacob Russell Ryker. Jacob is thrown to the floor by the shot he took to the chest. When the shooter stops to reload his weapon, Jacob rises and, despite his severe wound, charges. He collides with the shooter, who falls to the floor and loses his weapon. Several other students help subdue him, but the shooter manages to produce a handgun, which Jacob grabs. The weapon fires, further wounding Jacob in the hand. Police then arrive and arrest the attacker. Jacob survives the attack, and may have saved numerous lives.


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