The word “discipline” means different things to different people. A neighbor says, “What our children need today in the schools is more discipline!” A relative announces, “Jamie sassed me. He needs to be disciplined.” The meaning the word “discipline” has for you will depend on your experience growing up.

JOURNAL: 2. Memories of discipline
What kind of memories does the word discipline trigger in you? Recall your childhood. If that was a painful time, you might ask a close friend to be with you while you reflect on this memory. When you misbehaved, how did your parents respond? What impact did that have on you?

As a child what were the lessons you learned from this experience? What did you appreciate the most about how they responded? What did you dislike the most? What impact did these experiences have on you? Did your parents want to teach you these things or were they unintentional side effects? Can you describe what your parents hoped to accomplish? Was their goal primarily one of control, teaching, or a mixture of both?

From an adult perspective, what did you learn from this experience? How does this experience influence relationships with your own children?

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