Founding Mission Statement: We all want to live in a society where we are able to trust, be trusted and live outside the confinements of fear. W.A.R. members are taking the initiative to challenge the current environment where 1 out of 4 college women will suffer a rape or attempted rape between the ages of 13 and college graduation. We, K-State men and women, are ready to have our voice heard in the community.

Because of our dedication to nonviolent ideals, W.A.R. has chosen the representation of Tiananmen Square to illustrate our mission. In 1989 hundreds of college students in Beijing were massacred for nonviolently protesting injustices within their government. When the tanks began arriving at the scene of the protest, one man stood at the front of the tanks to stop their progression. This one man held up a line of over 17 tanks for a significant period of time. He didnít carry a weapon. To learn more about this visit this link:

Although our name is W.A.R. we are a nonviolent culture-change group. We are not out to patrol the streets, place blame, or 'get those rapists.' Our goal is to change the part of our culture that makes it acceptable for people to take control away from others and behave in a violent, selfish way. W.A.R. may be a small group of individuals but ideals of peace and nonviolence is what gives us hope and strength.

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Please contact the Women's Center at 785-532-6444 for more information about W.A.R.

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