Manhattan Ultimate Summer League 2001

Things to remember:
  • Games start at 6:30, try to arrive at 6:15
  • Play rain or shine (exceptions: lightning or prolonged downpours)
  • Home teams wear Light shirts, Visitor teams wear Dark shirts
  • Games are played to 13 points (half at 7, hard cap at 13)
  • 3 time-outs per game (2 per half, max.)
  • Brick Rule decided by Captains before each game
  • Post-game review held at Rock-a-Belly Deli after games
  • If Rec fields are unavailable, the fields just west of the Rec fields will be used.
  • Please, no chairs at Rec fields
  • Full edition of the rules is at
  • Questions? Call Shawn at 537-0184 (work: 776-1200)


Regular Season Standings
TeamWinsLoss Points ForPoints AgainstPoint DiffPrev Rank
Gods Of Plastic416347 +161
P.Hare Allstars326347 +163
Project Mayhem II326453 +112
Ball Zout325856 +25
Mudhuckers235360 -74
Sobriety Sucks052513 -386


Following the UPA, this is how ties will be broken:
  1. Win-loss record, counting only games between teams that are tied.
  2. Point differentials, counting only games between the teams that are tied.
  3. Point differentials, counting games against all common opponents.

Team Captains

Project Mayhem IITodd Goodman587-8863
Ball ZoutChris Verzani565-0084
Sobriety SucksSanchez or Cain776-7590
Gods Of PlasticWes Garrison770-9709
P.Hare AllstarsShawn Kokenge537-0814
MudhuckersJerry Bowen776-1477


June 5th:
Project Mayhem II   15P.Hare Allstars   13
Ball Zout   13Sobriety Sucks  9
Gods Of Plastic   13Mudhuckers   9
June 12th:
Ball Zout  3Mudhuckers  13
Gods Of Plastic  15P.Hare Allstars  13
Project Mayhem II  13Sobriety Sucks  5
June 19th:
Sobriety Sucks  1P.Hare Allstars  11
Gods Of Plastic  9Ball Zout  11
Project Mayhem II  13Mudhuckers  8
June 26th:
Ball Zout  7P.Hare Allstars  13
Sobriety Sucks  8Mudhuckers  13
Project Mayhem II  11Gods Of Plastic  13
July 3rd:
No scheduled gamesMeet for pickup games if you want
July 10th:
P.Hare Allstars 13Mudhuckers 9
Ball Zout 14Project Mayhem II 12
Sobriety Sucks 2Gods Of Plastic 13

Three teams were tied for second at 3-2. This tie will be decided by point differentals, counting only the games between the teams that are tied. So, since P. Hare Allstars blew out Ball Zout, and the rest of the games were close, they get second. PM II gets the three seed, and Ball Zout gets the four seed.

July 17th: at 6:30
Ball Zout  10Mudhuckers  11
Project Mayhem II  Sobriety Sucks  
at 7:30
Mudhuckers  9Gods Of Plastic  11
PMII  P. Hare Allstars  
July 24th: Championship
Ball ZoutSobriety Sucks
Project Mayhem IIMudhuckers
Gods Of Plastic   15P. Hare Allstars   13
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