Manhattan Ultimate Summer League
Manhattan, Kansas
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2011 was another successful year for the Manhattan Ultimate Summer League. We had 8 competitive teams who duked it out over the regular season. After 7 weeks, the standings were:

  1. Princess Layouts
  2. JarJar Breaks
  3. Mason Windus
  4. Jabba the Huck
  5. Death Stalls
  6. C3PYO's
  7. Darth Bidious
  8. Obi-Wan Camobi

We then had a three-round post-season tournament to crown the 2011 MUSL Champion. The team that emerged victorious was Death Stalls!

The results of the tournament were:

  1. Death Stalls
  2. JarJar Breaks
  3. Mason Windus
  4. Princess Layouts
  5. Obi-Wan Camobi
  6. Darth Bidious
  7. C3PYO's
  8. Jabba the Huck

See you again next summer!

Shawn Kokenge

Our sponsors keep MUSL affordable.  Suport us by supporting them. Rock-A-Belly Deli and Bluestem Bistro will be handing out coupons at the games randomly throughout the season.

  • ROCK-A-BELLY DELI-- sandwiches and brews, Aggieville 539-8033 
  • BLUESTEM BISTRO-- cafe and bakery, Aggieville 587-8888 
  • WALSON INK-- screen printing, 539-1820
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