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Kansas State University

Clickable image maps at K-State

Clickable image maps are images that have "hotspots" or "buttons" on them. When a user clicks on the image, the browser can load one of several pages based on where within the image the user clicked.

You can make image maps on our server. Hundreds of tutorials have been written on how to make image maps -- Yahoo has created a catalog of these. See for a list.

The HTTP server operated by Computing and Telecommunications Services supports clickable image maps by simply using the file extension .map. You do not have to use a URL of the form <A HREF="/cgi-bin/imagemap/...">


A sample anchor/link would look similiar to the following (assuming that you have a file in your .html directory describing a map of the file my.gif) :

<A HREF="~userid/"><IMG SRC="my.gif" ISMAP></A>