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K-State Today Student Edition

April 15, 2013

Center for Sustainable Energy completes Bioenergy Symposium

By Keith Rutlin

The K-State Center for Sustainable Energy, or CSE, had its annual Bioenergy Symposium on April 11 in Fiedler Atrium and Auditorium.

Presentations were made by Mary Rezac, director of the Center for Sustainable Energy; Loretta Johnson, Division of Biology; Donghai Wang, biological and agricultural engineering; Praveen Vadlani, grain science and industry; and Jason Bergtold, agricultural economics.

The research poster session produced an outstanding quality of posters and presentations, which made selection of the poster awards all the more challenging. Congratulations to the following students on presenting exceptional posters that most effectively demonstrated the progress of their sustainable energy research.

  • $1,000 — Yadhu Guragain (Praveen Vadlani, grain science and industry, adviser)
  • $750 — John Stanford (Mary Rezac, chemical engineering, adviser)                                                           
  • $500 — Andrew McGowan (Charles Rice, agronomy, adviser)

The Center for Sustainable Energy acknowledges and appreciates funding from ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 that make it possible to grant the Center for Sustainable Energy poster awards.

 To view all posters and abstracts please click on this link.