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K-State Today Student Edition

December 5, 2012

Communication studies faculty, students present research at national conference

By Tim Steffensmeier

Multiple faculty and graduate students, from the department of communication studies presented research at the National Communication Association annual convention in Orlando, Fla.

Darren Epping, instructor, presented "Loudspeaker, from Speeches to Nonprofit Advocacy: An Exploration of Bridging Forensics to Advocacy in the Public Sphere."

Sarah Riforgiate, assistant professor, presented "Testing Thresholds in the Integrative Theory of the Division of Domestic Labor."

Tim Steffensmeier, associate professor, and Jenna Surprenant, senior, presented "Developing Deliberative Spaces: The Role of a Presidential Library and Museum in Public Forums."

Young-Ok Yum, associate professor, presented "COMMunity through COMMunication: Exploring Asian Women’s Experiences in U.S. Academia."

Amanda Frank, graduate student, presented "John Zerzan’s Agriculture Survival Rhetoric: A Dramatistic Criticism," which was given the distinction of Top Paper Panel, one of four papers in the division to receive the title.

Janet Dickey, instructor, presented  "23. What Gets Students Chatting, and Not on Facebook?" in the GIFTS program.

Jordan Christensen, graduate student, presented "What Makes a Successful Forensic Team Culture? An Organizational Culture Assessment."

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