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K-State Today Student Edition

December 3, 2012

Instructional design videos online: E-textbooks; teaching with the iPad, teaching science labs at a distance

By Betsy Edwards

These three videos can now be viewed online from the Fall 2012 Instructional Design and Technology Roundtable series:

  • E-textbooks and Beyond: Creating your own e-textbook; using a publisher’s e-textbook; and learning about Open Educational Resources.
    (78 minutes)
  • Teaching with the iPad: Specific apps to use in the classroom and daily life.
    (67 minutes)
  • Teaching Science Labs at a Distance: The challenges, choices and solutions for teaching empirical science courses online (86 minutes). A separate vendors' presentation video is also available (39 minutes).

For more videos about teaching and learning, browse the Instructional Design archive.

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