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K-State Today Student Edition

February 17, 2012

Korean professor to give distinguished lecture hosted by department of computing and information sciences today

By Susan Cregg

Kyung-Goo Doh from Hanyang University's ERICA campus in Ansan, Korea, will give a distinguished lecture today at 12:30 p.m. in 122 Nichols Hall. He will discuss abstract parsing and its applications.  

Abstract parsing is a static string-analysis technique that analyzes the syntax of dynamically generate programs – or semi-structured documents – by incorporating data-flow analysis with LR parsing. The technique is used to validate that a script will always generate grammatically well-structured programs – or documents – at run-time. In this talk, the speaker will introduce the abstract-parsing technique and its extension that processes semantic attributes. He will then show how the extension can be used to statically validate JSP scripts that generate HTML documents. He will also also discuss the possibility of applying the technique to the static detection of security vulnerabilities in Web applications and to the static reconstruction of database schema from database applications.