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K-State Today Student Edition

November 14, 2013

Get your vintage K-State Proud shirt today

By Nicole Lane

Donate $20 to the 2014 K-State Proud Campaign from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today in the K-State Student Union and receive a free vintage Proud shirt as a gift.

Shirts from the seven previous years of K-State Proud will be available as a gift to anyone who decides to help students struggling to stay at K-State by donating to this year's campaign. Stop by the booth to receive yours and you may even get to witness a special surprise.

K-State Proud is a student philanthropy sponsored by Student Foundation. Founded on the mission of "Students Helping Students" K-State Proud has helped more than 409 K-State students stay at K-State.

No student should be denied a K-State education because of financial disaster. The Student Opportunity Awards made possible by K-State Proud have given more than $535,044 to help students stay in school. 

"The success of K-State Proud lies in the generous student body here at K-State," said an award recipient. 

Donate to the campaign and get your vintage T-shirt. Don't miss out, today is your only chance.

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