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K-State Today Student Edition

October 24, 2013

Seeking research participants who are interested in free exercise training

By Blake Johns

Blake Johns, senior in kinesiology, is looking for research participants for a three-week study — nine  exercise sessions total — to examine emotional responses to different types of exercise. Anyone between the ages 18–30, who is active, non-smoking, currently not pregnant and not currently doing an exercise program is eligible to participate.

In this study, Johns will examine affective emotional responses to each of three types of exercise: moderate-intensity continuous cycling, high-intensity interval cycling and crossfit-style workouts. Each session will last around 45 minutes and will include full instruction and supervision. This project has been approved by the K-State Institutional Review Board, No. 6856.

The study is set to begin Monday, Oct. 28, so please respond promptly.

If you would like to participate in this study or learn more about it, please contact Johns at bjohns35@k-state.edu, preferred; or by phone at 913-626-6780.