Spring 2009 Series

Download the Spring 2009 Series Flyer (PDF, 3.85 MB)

FacebookFebruary 19: Facebook in the Classroom

See how two professors are using this interactive online tool to enrich their teaching in the classroom. Marcus Ashlock and Chris Lavergne, Dept. of Communications, will share their ideas and provide tips on how to use this online application. View Video , Time article: Why Facebook is for Old Fogies, North By Northwestern: How to Make Your Facebook More Private

March 5: Second Life Virtual World

Join us for a tour of Second Life, an online social and learning environment. Larry Havenstein and Neal Wollenberg will be your guides providing you with tips, tools, and ideas to navigate and build in SL. View Video

March 12: K-State Zimbra E-mail System

The new K-State e-mail system is easier to use and offers more online features. Scott Finkeldei will provide an overview of Zimbra and answer your questions. View Video

March 26: Mobile Devices (iPhone and more)

K-State is one of the most wired campuses in the US. Eric Dover will demo several portable devices, show what options are out in the market, how they fit with today's needs and where trends are heading in the next 5 - 10 years. View Video


April 2: Creative Commons - Free Online Resources

This nonprofit site offers free-to-use music, photos, and other goodies. Brent Anders will give you a tour of many of these great online resources. View Video


April 9: Webinars for Online Learning

Create live and recorded seminars for the Web. Gary and Leigh Cunningham with Gerry Snyder will show tools and tips in using Wimba and Adobe Connect. View Video