Spring 2008 Series

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February 7: Password Security - Harvard Townsend :: K-State IT security officer

The February 13 deadline for changing your eID password is fast approaching and your blood pressure is going up because you came up with a great password the last time around and now you have to come up with a new one again. Plus you're anticipating another battle with the seemingly nonsensical eID profile system that rejects every eID password you try.
To reduce your frustration when choosing a new eID password and to learn how to effectively manage the growing number of accounts and passwords you have to keep track of, join us for the TechBytes session on password security given by Harvard Townsend, K-State's IT Security Officer, on February 7, 1:15-2:15 P.M. in the Hale Hemisphere room.

Topics include:

February 14: Adobe Connect - Gerry Snyder :: IET Video

Adobe Connect brings a whole new aspect to video conferencing; with full audio and video support, conferencing could never be easier over the web. Connect provides the ability to chat (via voice or text), share Powerpoint presentations, view webcams, and even conduct polls. Join Gerry Snyder this Thursday to get started with the full-fledged web-conferencing Adobe Connect offers.


February 21: Zoho - Kevin Champion :: Hale Library; Gerry Snyder :: IET Video

From form-making made easy to a more transparent and effective way to create, manage, and share databases, Zoho Creator can have a revolutionary effect by increasing efficiency and productivity. With a walk through of Creator basics and a glimpse of the extended possibilities, this session will provide an alternative and user-friendly approach to all things database.


February 28: Google - Josh McCune :: Micro Computer Support Tech - ITAC Video

Google is loaded with free web-based tools including: Google map, documents, calendars, presentations, and more.


March 6: Podcasting 101 - Jenny McCraw :: Hale Library Instruction Video

Recording and publishing your own podcasts to the web is as simple as taking a few easy steps; we'll show you just how easy it is and how to get started.

March 13: Second Life - Neal Wollenberg, Larry Havenstein :: IET Video

The web has become more than just email and webpages, it's become another virtual world outside of our own. Sit down today as we walk you through yur first steps of your Second Life community.


March 27: Online Newsletters - Betsy Edwards :: Web/Info Specialist - ITAC Video

Interested in creating an online newsletter? Betsy Edwards will share how K-State's IT newsletter is created in online and e-mail formats, plus the tools and resources used. Questions about creating newsletters can also be sent to betsy@k-state.edu ahead of time.

April 3: Final Cut Pro - Ron Frank :: Dept. Communications Video

Getting around Final Cut Pro: "Just the facts Ma'am" with just enough theory... just enough windows.. and just enough keystrokes to turn your simple video footage into a masterpiece!