Fall 2004 Series

What Browser Do You Use?
September 24
Presented by Scott Finkeldei, Ernie Perez, Cathy Rodriguez

This session demonstrates several add-on tools for Internet Explorer as well as introducing you to a couple of new web browsers (Firefox and Safari).

Introduction to Usability Testing
October 1
Presented by Janelle Corkill, Computing and Network Services

This session will cover planning and facilitating user testing, analyzing and presenting findings. We'll also touch on paper prototypes, field studies, and card sorting, just to name a few.

Project Management
October 8
Presented by Lloyd Walker, Data and Information Administration

Ideas and strategies for completing projects on time and on budget.

October 15
Presented by Sarah Silva, Information Technology Assistance Center

This demonstration covers creating video software tutorials.

Adobe InDesign
October 29
Presented by Neal Wollenberg, Department of Communications

This session will give an overview of InDesign and a demonstration in designing a newsletter.

Adobe Acrobat
November 5
Presented by Amy Hartman, Department of Communications

This session will cover using Acrobat 6.0 to create electronic publications for the Web and viewing and creating interactive forms.

Macromedia Flash
November 12
Presented by Seiji Ikeda, KSU Graphic Design Department

This session will show several student's Flash projects including an overview of the Flash interface and how these projects were put together.

Digital Cameras
December 3
Presented by Scott Finkeldei, Gerry Snyder

This session covers different camera models, features to look for when purchasing, shooting techniques, file formats, storage, and more.