Spring 2003 Series

February 7 - How to Use the K-State Survey System

Overview: Learn how to use this easy to use and powerful survey tool.

Presenter: Scott Finkeldei, Assistant Director of Information Systems, DCE


February 12 - Making the Best Out of Scanning

Overview: Scanners are abundant on campus but do you know how to make the right type of scan for presentation or project? This session is a good overview to scan properly for different print and Web outputs.

Presenter: Gary Kepka, Information Technology Specialist, IET, Dept. of Communications


February 14 - Adobe Acrobat Demonstration

Overview: Adobe Acrobat is a powerful electronic publication tool. Learn the many features that makes this product a proven standard for most major publications that are available over the Internet.

Presenters: Tom Dent , Adobe Educational Representative


February 21- Tips and tricks for an effective PowerPoint presentation

Overview: (Almost) Anyone can make a PowerPoint presentation. Learn how to use PPT to better connect with your audience for a successful presentation.

Presenter: Gerry Snyder, Multimedia Specialist, IET, Department of Communications

Resources: a

February 28 - Create On-line Tutorials with Qarbon Viewlet Builder

Overview: This demonstration shows how to create On-line educational packages with a movie-like tutorial complete with audio and text tabs.

Presenter: Ann Murray, Professor, Dept. of Family Studies and Human Service


March 7 - Power Tips for Adobe Photoshop Users

Overview: One of the most extensive graphic tools available, this session demonstrates many of the cool features package within Photoshop


Patrick Hackenberg, Graphic Designer, Dept. of Communications
Susan Bale, Web Master, IET, Department of Communications


March 14 - PDA's for Research and Teaching

Overview: Come see what all these hand-held gadgets can do.


Dale Blasi, Professor, Dept. of Animal Science
Randy Taylor, Professor, Dept. of Biology and Agricultural Engineering


March 28 - K-State Digital Library's New Resources and Research Tools

Overview: Members of the KSU Libraries Digital Library Department will discuss and demonstrate the new resources and research tools available through the K-State Digital Library. They will report on how new digital collections of text, image and video content are being created locally; demonstrate how the Digital Library integrates local collections with licensed commercial resources; and show how to use the Digital Library's "federated" search tools to discover information held in multiple locations with a single search

Presenters: David Allen, Director of Digital Library, Hale Library


Using Zenworks to Manage Desktop Computers

Overview: Work remotely using software that manages networked computers.

Presenter: Tammy Dille, Network Administrator, LAN Technologies


April 11 - Wireless Technology at K-State and Beyond

Overview: You will learn: 1. What it takes to establish a wireless connection (both on campus and at home) 2. How you can use wireless (both at home and on campus) for your personal productivity. 3. How wireless connectivity is being used in the classroom.


Scott Finkeldei, Assistant Director of Information Services, DCE
Tweed Ross, Professor, College of Education


April 18 - Fundamentals of Computer-based Digital Video Editing

Overview: Capturing video on a computer and editing is getting easier all the time. This demonstration shows you what is being used on campus to edit and produce video.

Presenter: Ernie Perez, Co-coordinator, Media Development Center, ITAC