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K-State Parking Structure

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The only parking garage on campus, this structure offers covered parking with space for up to 1,380 vehicles. Located a short walk from McCain Auditorium and several academic buildings, it contains a stairwell, elevators and breezeway access to the K-State Student Union. Near the 17th Street entrance, the garage contains the Parking Services Office, the site for paying parking citations and obtaining parking permits, campus maps and general information. Just outside the 17th Street garage entrance is a roadside drive-up Parking Services Information Booth. There, campus visitors can obtain maps, information and temporary one-day parking passes.

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The K-State Parking Structure was built in spring 2010. It offers 500 parking spaces allocated to students, 400 prioritized for faculty and staff, 130 reserved spaces and an additional 350 spaces available for group and public parking.