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Fiedler Hall

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Fiedler Hall is the third phase of the Durland-Rathbone-Fiedler-Engineering complex. Fiedler houses the Academic Success Center, the Department of Civil Engineering, as well as the offices of Student Services and Retention, Diversity and Inclusion.

Building offices

Civil Engineering, Dept. of, 2118 Fiedler Hall, ce@engg.k-state.edu, 532-5862, fax 532-7717

Engineering Student Services,1093 Fiedler Hall, enggss@k-state.edu, 532-5592

Engineering Retention, Diversity and Inclusion, 1093 Fiedler Hall, rdi@k-state.edu, 532-5592


Built in 2000, Fiedler Hall increased the size of the engineering complex by 75,700 square feet. The building was named after George Fiedler, a 1925 and 1934 K-State graduate who earned a place in the K-State Engineering Hall of Fame.