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Call Hall

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Call Hall provides space for offices, classrooms, labs and research facilities for the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. The second floor also houses the K-State Department of Forestry. The Food Science Institute inside the building functions to advise and assist researchers in a variety of projects. For more than four decades, Call Hall Dairy Bar has sold ice cream, meat and dairy products processed by K-State. With 20,000 gallons of ice cream produced here each year, the popular eatery has made a name for itself as a K-State landmark.

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Built in 1963, Call Hall is named for Dr. Leland Everett Call, who joined the faculty in 1907. Call served 21 years as dean of agriculture, beginning in 1925. A year after it was built, the building became home to the K-State Dairy Processing Plant and the Dairy Bar. While more than 40 flavors of ice cream are available at Call Hall, vanilla has proven to be the most popular.