Manhattan Area Repeaters
CallsignFreq. & OffsetTypeToneOther Information
KSØLNK147.225 +open114.8linked
KSØMAN147.255 +open88.5autopatch, wx net
WØQQQ145.410 –opennonein service
WØQQQ444.175 +open88.5in service

Message from the President
James Copeland, KDØICP
August 24, 2016

Last semester was the most productive yet during my tenure as president. We accomplished A LOT, and everyone should be proud of that, because we all played a part. The semester started out with the Winter Expo and the election of officers. Vern, WØVMP, assumed the role of adviser, and Earl, KEØASI, stepped in to fill the position of Station Manager.

Max, W2MAX and I taught a technician study session, and we had some new faces attend, get licensed and join the club, including Dr. McGregor of the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department. In addition to test prep, a few operating nights were held to give new members hands-on radio experience.

Later in the year, Max set up a new listserv through the university's Outlook email system. Vern also repaired the 2-meter repeater by installing a new transmitter and controller, and Earl effectively organized the club's supplies.

By far the biggest feat this semester was the raising of the club's tower that occurred in April. A total of over over 50 man-hours were devoted to this project, and it simply would not have been possible without the leadership of Earl. (photo gallery)

Thanks to Treasurer David Yoder for his persistence in securing the club's recent lock change - another big hurdle that was overcome this semester. Finally, the club participated once again in the university's annual Open House.

During the summer, few club members were around, but we did manage to have a meeting and a presentation from Jim Foster of the MAARS club on ARRL Field Day, which the KSUARC participated in.

All in all, we had an amazing year – one that may be hard to top this year – but why not shoot for the stars?! Which brings me to...

Upcoming Events

Max and I are working on adding a BRAND-NEW DIGITAL OPERATING STATION in addition to our SSB and CW station. This will allow anyone with a technician ticket to get on 15, 40 and 80 meters with digital modes, so get excited.

We've got lots of stuff planned for this semester, including some contests and other ways people can get on the air. My goal of this semester is to get people on the air at the club!

KSU Amateur Radio Club
Electrical and Computer Engineering
3108 Engineering Hall
1701D Platt Street
Manhattan, Kansas 66506

Google Voice: (913) 381-9255